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October ~ Halloween Camp


Celebrate fall at the Bermuda SPCA!

Let’s explore Halloween myths with animals.


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SPCA Halloween Camp, 2017.pdf

Whiskers & Wine

Save the date 


Saturday, October 7th, 2017


Do you love animals and enjoy a glass of wine...or 2? 

Whiskers & Wine is now in it's 2nd year, with a huge success last year. 


Join us for an evening of hors d'oeuvres and hand crafted specialty drinks and live music. 

Drinks provided by Goslings Ltd and Twisted Spoon, catering by Bermuda Restaurants Ltd. 

All proceeds to benefit SPCA - to help manage the expenses (food, vet, spaying, etc) for over 500+ animals taken in to the facility each year. 

A silent auction will be held on the evening.


1.Only 150 tickets are being sold for the event through PTix

2.A limited number of tickets will also be available from August 14th at the SPCA offices. 

3.Please contact:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions regarding this event  


Black cat adoption month ~ August - September

Raffle Ticket Sales

Can you spare 1 hour to support the animals at the SPCA?


The Bermuda SPCA is starting its annual Raffle Ticket sales drive and would sincerely appreciate your assistance! This is the second of our three main fundraising events that support the operational and educational objectives of the shelter. 
We will be selling tickets at various locations around the island, so if you could spare an hour or two of your time to sell tickets, it would go a long way in supporting Bermuda's animals.

Catsnip Financial Assistance

For over 2yrs the SPCA has been providing a low cost spay/neuter program to lessen the amount of unwanted kittens by ensuring that all of Bermuda's owned cats are spayed or neutered and mircochipped. Every cat deserves to be spayed or neutered because they will be better off socially, medically and behaviourally. 

Please note: do not make a spay/neuter appointment with your vet (Bermuda Veterinarian Services, Endsmeet or Ettrick) until you have received an official numbered voucher from the SPCA. Also please do not make a payment until you have been instructed to do so by an SPCA representative.


Guidelines & Documents for CatSnip 

The following documents must be read and signed where appropriate and returned to the SPCA before the application can be considered complete. You may return the forms by emailing them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., by mail P.O. Box WK 94 Warwick WK BX or by dropping them off in person at the SPCA 32 Valley Road Paget PG 05.

SPCA CatSnip Client Letter.pdf

CatSnip Form 2016.pdf - complete and submit one form per cat

FeLV FIV Document 2016.pdf - complete and submit one form per cat


Informational Flyers 

CatSnip 2016.pdf

Importance of Spay Neuter 2016.pdf


Happy Ending - SPCA Monthly newsletter


Keep in touch with us via our monthly newsletter

Lots going on at the Bermuda SPCA


Dog owner accused of cruelty


Man chained 'skeletal' pitbull to ceiling

A positive outcome in court on Thursday, July 13, 2017 for the Bermuda SPCA. 
We are sending out the message that cruelty will not be tolerated in Bermuda and neglecting to seek veterinary attention when your animal is sick or injured is not acceptable.

Kevin Degenhard wrote: 

"Having read many of the comments which maintain this is not a positive result I can empathize with the call for more robust penalties but we should all compliment the Bermuda SPCA for overcoming all the obstacles usually involved getting such a case to court. A disqualification order is positive though we could all argue about its duration. Unless we were in court to hear all the litigation arguments we won't know how this sentence was arrived at. 

All the critics should do something positive and support the Bermuda SPCA."


Thank you Chris, Ben, Dr. Madeiros and all involved with helping with this case. 

Animal Hero Kids

Animal Hero Kids ; Fostering empathy and kindness in children and teens by encouraging and recognizing compassionate and courageous acts that help all species of animals; and offering complimentary, interactive, humane education programs highlighting stories of the rescue and aid of animals in need.


Thank you Saltus Grammar School -  Saltus students collected $141.78 with their “Line of Coins” as part of Spirit Week before the spring break




Thank you Billie - Rose for helping us to start this fabulous program!! Well done!



Thank you


Thank you for your support in 2016

Thank you to all of our wonderful supporters, foster homes, and volunteers! We couldn’t do it without you!

Your donations of time, supplies, money and more are what allow us to continue to help the animals.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Bermuda SPCA has a very small but dedicated staff.  In order to provide the animals the best possible experience in a shelter enviroment we seek the assistance of loving volunteers!  Opportunities exist to work directly with the animals, to interact with those seeking to adopt as well as office help behind the scenes.

So if you get turned on by thoughts of cuddly cats, nosy rabbits and energetic dogs - click here to see our volunteer opportunities.

Official Opening of the Stempel Stables


This facility provides cost efficient temporary housing, giving the SPCA the ability to assist with the rehabilitation of large and small animals in need.

When the SPCA is out in the field, working with animal caregivers our primary approach is to provide education, advice and assistance to improve animal welfare, including giving people time to make improvements to their standards of care. 

Sometimes this means the SPCA needs to remove an animal so that its habitat can be improved, other times animals need to be seized and provided a save environment for rehabilitation before a successful rehoming can take place.  

Every year the SPCA investigates welfare complaints were we see numerous cases of neglect and abuse, some through ignorance and some habitual offenders. 

We come across small dilapidated properties over run with a variety of livestock animals living in dangerous unsanitary conditions; cases involving lack of proper care resulting in severely infected wounds and serious skin conditions requiring veterinarian intervention; and animals forgotten tethered out of site and out of mind that are close to death from dehydration and hunger.

The SPCA has been afforded the ability to offer the above types of assistance due to the generous donation by the Stempel Foundation of this beautiful stables.  We can now proactively intervene in cases needing the SPCA’s assistance and rehabilitate and if necessary rehome large animal livestock on site.  We have knowledgeable and dedicated staff and volunteers as well as a veterinarian board member who can oversee that the necessary care is given.

The Bermuda SPCA is committed to working with Bermuda’s animal welfare agencies to make a positive impact on the lives of all animals by providing an environment that meets their behavioural and physiological needs. Truly grateful to the Stempel Foundation for this incredible versatile and multipurpose stable facility.

We would like to thank:

  • Hon. Cole Simons, JP MP. for giving his time to officially open the Stempel Stables.
  • The Ernest E. Stempel Foundation for the generous support of this visions and making the funding available for these facilities.
  • Allison Williams, SPCA Past President and Project Chairman for spearheading this specialised project.
  • Malcom Wilson, MC Baron and Island Construction for getting us from a vision through to the finished product.

Official Opening Press Release Stempel Stables.pdf

Royal Gazette story and photos - click here

SPCA Stempel Stables Official Opening Invitation (rev).pdf


Dogs Available For Adoption

Dogs on our Website

We are happy to share with you the dogs currently residing in our kennels - please view their profiles here


Canine Adoption Procedure

If you are interested in adopting a dog, please follow our 3 step process:

  1. Come to the shelter Tuesday-Saturday 11am-4pm to fill out an application form, you will need to provide a Photo ID and written permission from a landlord.  
  2. Your application form will then be evaluated to see if we have a canine match currently in our kennel. Our Inspector will give you a call to ask more questions or set up a meet and greet should your wants match any of our dogs needs.
  3. Meet and greet, when we believe we have a suitable match you will be invited to come and meet the dog(s).  This happens by appoinment only.


Behind the Scenes

All dogs that enter the Shelter have a Temperament Assessment. This determines what the requirements are for adoption, such as; Are they good with small children? Do they get along with cats and/or other dogs? How much activity/stimulation will they require?

The SPCA staff will review all applicants and make decisions based on the date the application was received and the right home based on the findings of the assessment.
If your application is chosen, you will be contacted and invited to the Shelter to meet your match and if you believe the match is a good one the adoption can proceed.

It is important to know that even though you fill in an application you could be waiting for some time for a dog.

All dog applications will require a property check to be completed by the Inspectorate Department.
Please be patient with the SPCA, as we are trying to be as fair as possible.

Dog Legislation

Thank you Bad Rap for intensifying the need for change to The Dogs Act 1978 to bring an end to senseless euthanasia of illegal dogs which are family friendly. 


The Bermuda SPCA does take in and does adopt legal pit-bull type dogs.  We currently have 2 for adoption and are seeking homes. Please visit WE HAVE DOGS adoption page for more info. 


However the SPCA does abide by the law and are required to call the Government Animal Wardens and surrender any illegal dog in our possession (illegal dog being any dog not licensed and microchipped regardless of breed). 


The Bermuda SPCA has recommended that all breed-specific laws be evaluated from a welfare perspective. The current laws were put in place to improve community safety and comfort, but ultimately these laws cause hardship to caring dog owners of properly supervised, friendly, well-socialized dogs and ultimately the destruction of the dogs in questions.

The Bermuda SPCA is working with and represented on the Government Appointed Canine Committee made up of dog stakeholders who are reviewing the Dog Act 1978 and have made initial recommended changes to the Minister.

The SPCA believes that there is a better way to deal with illegal dogs which are seized but found to be spayed/neutered, well cared for, good vet history, well socialized and trained at the same time as large penalties and strict enforcement of those illegally breeding and selling.  And that allowances for this must be made in the Dog Act.

It is time to stand together and have Government change the laws to protect the welfare of all dogs; and in the meantime enforce the current laws and issue pentalties against those who chose to break them.  



Dogs for Adoption

We currently have DOGS seeking forever homes!

If you are interested in adopting a dog please visit our shelter Tuesday - Saturday between 11am - 4pm to complete and application form (bring valid ID).

The adoption application tells us what you are looking for in an dog companion, what expectations you have and the lifestyle you envision with your new friend. Some of our dogs have special adoption requirements and the application forms are used to identify a possible perfect match!

The good news is our kennels are not full of dogs!  However from time to time we are graced with some amazing dogs seeking forever homes.

WE HAVE DOGS for details on current dogs.

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